My Story

How I Decided to Integrate and Build My Coaching Business



When I was 15 years old, I started teaching the children and those younger or my age in the subjects I was proficient in: math, science, languages. This was the only way to have my money allowance, since my parents were of modest income and I lived in a communist country. I developed deep love for helping others, mentoring them and coaching them.

This continued in my collage years. The passion for science and helping others never stopped, rather developed and became a passion.

I completed my BSc and MSc degrees in Theoretical Physics and engineering, the practical and fascinating area that can stretch your imagination. Even during that time I was helping friends in their studies, breaking down some complex scientific concepts and theories to simplify them and help them understand.

Coaching was a part of my natural love for mentoring and teaching and facilitating my students’ growth.

I spent a few years in India where I was trained as yoga and spiritual teacher that led me to teach others and eventually create my own Academy of learning and mentoring. To help my students go beyond their certification and academic performance, this coaching addition to my business will help those in need to develop in the practical areas of teaching others and become successful as yoga teachers, yoga therapists, healers or meditation teachers,

In this way I was fulfilling my desire to work with others to help them become successful.

I trained more than four hundred students and healers to spread the light in the world and be of service to others.

My coaching is extending not only to my students but to all others seeking to transform their lives, physically, mentally and spiritually.

More than 30 years of my professional career led me to this point to offer my services and what I love to all those in need and ready to receive what I have to offer.

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Coaching or Consulting, How to decide?

Your Top 3 Pains and the solutions for how to overcome them.

"Ananda Deviika Ma Devii is not just a coach; she is a beacon of compassion and healing. Each session with her has been a transformative journey. As I opened up, sharing my deepest emotions, Ananda listened with profound empathy, making me feel seen and understood in a way I've never experienced before. Her insightful words didn't just resonate; they illuminated a path forward, transforming my tears of distress into tears of realization and relief. The wisdom she imparted provided a clear understanding of the emotional barriers that were holding me back. There's a tangible sense of love and caring in her presence, a soothing wave that washes over you, bringing with it clarity and peace. Ananda Deviika Ma Devii is more than a coach; she's an extraordinary healer whose guidance is a gift to anyone fortunate enough to receive it. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking not just to navigate but to truly understand and embrace their life's journey."
Maria Kennedy